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Shower Phone Holder

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1.Can be placed vertically
2.You will not boring when you are washing the clothes or taking the shower.
3.Sensitive touch without affecting operation
4.Double waterproof entertainmen unlimited
5.Suitable for many kinds of wall.
6.Waterproof and anti-fog, sensitive touch screen.
7.With hook design, you can put towels, bath balls, etc.
Bullet Points:
1、Where to Install: Can be installed on the mirror or bathroom tile.
2、Sensitive Screen: With 0.25 mm flexible touch screen, sensitive to touch when taking show in bathroom, you can adjust volume, switch songs, play games, scroll news.
3、Anti-fog High Viewing Angle Window: Even if fog is generated during bath, it will not affect clarity of mobile phone screen.
4、Waterproof Function: The phone holder is sealed and waterproof.
5、Applicable Mobile Phones: Universal size, suitable for all mobile phones under 6.8 inches.
Applicable mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches
Color: white/blue
Installation method: non-marking sticker and hole-free wall hanging
Application: travel, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room

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