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Strategies for Staying Active

1. Brain Plasticity is achieved with the discipline of learning and exposure to new things😊

2. Active listening: It is a good communication technique, understanding what the other is talking about, when reformulating and asking 😉

3. Memory: Having a sleep between 7 and 8 hours is key to the consolidation of memories. ☺️

4. The Conversation: The social interaction allows to recreate routines, new associations and stories of activities to keep the mind active, it also helps to maintain ties. 😃

5. The ¨media diet¨: Beware of the Infodemic 😁, it is known as the excess of information especially, that which is negative or false, to which we are exposed. You have to spend a few hours informing us, not all day; and select official and credible sources. ☺️


God bless you today and always! - August 25, 2020